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Darlene Dorgan

Darlene Dorgan was the mastermind of all the trips, the owner of the car and the principal driver.  Darlene married and became Mrs. Charles Bjorkman, of Riverside, Calif.   Darlene was on every trip from 1934-1942.  She was the older sister of Verna Dorgan who traveled on the first 2 trips 1934 and 1936 and Margie Dorgan, who traveled on the last 6 trips from 1937-1942 also.  This is a note from Darlene’s daughter Bekki: “By the way the saying on the car, “Don’t laugh you will be old someday yourself” is something my Mom said all the time. It was her saying so that’s why it is on the car. While I was growing up she talked a lot about all her trips. It was the biggest thing in her life.  I got the car right from my grandma’s house (my Mother’s house in Bradford) many years ago. I transported it many times and stored it for years. I did not have an available garage at my house to store it.  I was very attached to the car.  I did not realize how attached until I had a buyer the first time. When the money was ready to be handed to me I could not sell it. Emotionally I could not.”

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