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Ruby McDonald memory

“I can’t believe it still runs!  Those trips were a highlight and special time in my Mom’s life.  Those positive memories lived with her till the time she passed. Talking about all the girls on the trip always brought a smile to her face and put a gleam in her eye. I’m not sure she told me all the stories; that always left some mystique as to what transpired during the trips.

It’s ironic and maybe fate that you are bringing the car back to Illinois.  My 18 year old grandson and I went to a car show in Morton last year and there was a vehicle similar to the “Silver Streak”. I told him his great grandmother took multiple trips in a similar vehicle. He just looked and said; “you’re kidding right”.

After seeing that car I wondered what happened to the vehicle. Well, that question has now been answered. In my earlier years when my Mom was still alive I tried multiple times to purchase the car from the Dorgan’s but they did not want to sell.

I am so glad it is coming back to Illinois and in the possession of someone who knows the significance of the car. ”


Dave Nutter-Son of Ruby McDonald Nutter

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