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1939 Letter to Darlene Dorgan and Regina Fennell from The Toronto Star Newspaper.

This letter dated July 13, 1939 is from Eddie Chantler, Editorial Department of the Toronto Star.  The letter was sent to Darlene Dorgan and Regina Fennell c/o Captain James E. Gill, Washington D.C.  James E. Gill was Regina’s uncle, who was stationed in Washington D.C. and who they visited after going to the New York Worlds Fair.  The quality of the PDF is not good, so the text of the letter is  found her also.

“Hello Darlene,

Thanks a lot for that swell pix of you and the fliver kids, it turned out swell– as you can see by the enclosed clippings from the “Star”.  A rather odd thing, but do you remember the first “shot” taken without a “flash”?  Well that one caught a much better pix than the one which we used a bulb.  By the by have you the used bulbs yet?  Or are they, as you feared, smashed to h—?

Your story made quite a neat little feature and my only kick is that I did not write the story myself.  I would have done so had I not at first thought that the gals were sightseeing the building—and we are pestered with that sort of thing here—and then rather smugly thinking that Borden Spears (the chap with the glasses) should be the sucker I let him take it.  And bellieve me I was sorry that I did so.

As compliments should be on the agenda could I pass some on to you and the gang?—- It is decidedly a novelty in this rather odd occupation and still odder times and place to meet with such a newness and freshness as yours.  Does that sound like goo?  Well, after all reporters are infamous for their so-called sentimentality or what ever one calls it.  But s’truth, you know some three years ago I went on a similar jaunt as yours which carried me to Vancouver, California and thence around the world, 35,000 miles in all, but believe me the fliver gang certainly seemed to enjoy thetis a darn sight more.

I’m hoping that the receiving of this note will not put an end to chats with you and the gang.  When you get this be sure and write a note telling us how things are going on the rampage back home.  And if at any time you are in an emergency and need a load of balding wire or tacks for the silver jalopy le me know.  Best of luck, and I hpe the skies and the Ford’s innards treat you well.

Eddie Chantler

P.S.  A glossy pix should be waiting you in Washington”

Toronto Star Letter-1     (This is the PDF. Click to open)

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