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The Trips

One of the many trips

This is where you can find information about the trips taken by these adventurous travelers.  From 1934 forward they made 8 summer vacation trips, the last being in 1942.   The Silver Streak and Darlene made all 8 trips.  Some of the trips are chronicled in much more detail than others.  Here you will find information and pictures related to these trips, such as the picture above received from The Henry Ford Archives.  It shows Henry Ford himself with the 1938 Gypsy Coeds and the Silver Streak in Dearborn Michigan.  There are pictures from key destinations and some from the towns and cities past thru along the way.  There are at this time no pictures from the 1934 trip and only 1 from the 1942 trip though we have not given up the search! Below are the 8 trips and the gals that traveled on each trip.

1934 Trip (Devils Lake, Wisconsin): Darlene Dorgan, Verna Dorgan, Clare Breen, Kathleen Moran, Olive Bell
1936 Trip (Michigan-Ferry to Wisconsin): Darlene Dorgan, Verna Dorgan, Olive Bell, Eleanor Butte, Harriet Fisher, Ruth Gustafson
1937 Trip (Dionne Quints, Callendar Ontario): Darlene Dorgan, Margie Dorgan, Clare Breen, Eleanor Butte, Helen Fuertges, Ruby McDonald
1938 Trip (Henry Ford) Dearborn, Michigan: Darlene Dorgan, Margie Dorgan, Ruby McDonald, Rosemary Moran, Winnie Swearingen
1939 Trip (East, New York Worlds Fair): Darlene Dorgan, Margie Dorgan, Winnie Swearingen, Rosemary Moran, Regina Fennell, Anne Holland
1940 Trip(California-Golden Gate Exhibition): Darlene Dorgan, Margie Dorgan, Rosemary Moran, Ruth Gustafson, Patricia Moffett
1941 Trip (New Orleans, South & East to N.Y. and Dearborn): Darlene Dorgan, Margie Dorgan, Rosemary Moran, Muriel Cunningham, Margaret Burnett, Zola Dailey
1942 Trip (Wisconsin, Chicago & Michigan): Darlene Dorgan, Margie Dorgan, Zola Dailey, Margaret Burnett, Jean Turnbull

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