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Helen Fuertges Hickey 2012

Hi John,
Denny and Val have been keeping me up to date on the Silver Streak excitement. I think it is so fabulous that you have bought the car and are doing all these great things with it. When I heard about the event with Mr Ford I told Mom that I thought it was a super idea ,and I’m so glad she wants to be part of it. Kathy and I were with her when she recorded her memories and that was a lot of fun for us.  I  hope the day at Bradley with Mr. Ford goes well and that he shows a lot of enthusiasm and respect for the Silver Streak and all that were involved with it. You’re doing something really wonderful and I want to thank you very much for getting Mom involved in this.  All the best,. – Rosemary Hickey Welch

Helen Fuertges Hickey in the Silver Streak 75 years after her trip in it in 1937 with her son Denny and Daughter-in -law Val and Winnie Swearingen, April 29, 2012
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