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Harriet Fisher

Harriet Fisher was a Gypsy Coed on trips in 1935 & 1936.  She attended the 1982  Gypsy Coed reunion.   Harriet graduated from Bradford High School in the class of 1935.  She married Jewell Hooker and lived in Bradford and was a beautician as was Darlene.

I received this note from her son Tim Hooker on July 16, 2012:

“Good to hear from you and many thanks for rescuing the Streak!   I heard the stories about those trips so many times when I was a kid – sometimes I feel like I was on the running board for a good part of the journey.  Yes – Mom went on the trip to Devil’s Lake and Baraboo as well as the trip through Michigan and met Henry Ford Sr. with the rest of the girls at the Ford plant where the streak got some repairs. Although I really don’t believe we have anything which would be materially useful to you, I will go through the old photo albums to see if I can find anything of interest.  I do remember seeing a photo or two but can’t remember just where.  I think there was one with Henry Ford.  I do remember Mom talking quite a bit regarding “EL” or “L” Butte but I never really knew who she was and don’t remember meeting her.  I would have been quite young if I had met her I believe.  What I do know is that they were very good friends.  Mom and Dad were married August 1941.  We’ll get in touch when we find something of interest.  Keep us in  the loop.  Thanks John!” 

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