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Margaret Burnett

In 1941, the Bradford Coeds took their last long trip in their “Silver Streak”. Accompanying Marge & Dar Dorgan were Miss Zo Dailey, a teacher in Bradford at that time, Rosemary Moran, Margaret Burnett and Murial Cunningham, of Wyoming. They visited New Orleans, La., Memphis Tenn., Richmond, Va., Montgomery, Ala., and many other interesting and historical places in the South and the East. They again visited Niagra Falls, New York City and Henry Ford, who was pleased to see that the Model T was still running.

Margaret Burnett  was also on the 1942 short trip to Chicago according to her friend Jean Turnbull Campbell.  Margaret was from Speer, IL. and  she married Bud Rowlett of Bradford, IL.  

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