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Darlene Dorgan 1938

Darlene Dorgan 1938
Darlene Dorgan was born August 23, 1910  and died July 16, 2001.  She was one of 5 daughters born to William and Daisy  Dorgan of Bradford Illinois
Bekki Bruckner is the daughter of Darlene Dorgan Bjorkman, and the person the Silver Streak was purchased from in Portland Oregon in 2012.  This is the first e-mail communication with her after purchasing the car, and after the June 3, 2012  front page story had appeared in the Peoria Journal Star. 
Hi John, So sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I was busy helping my son move.Thank you so much for the newspaper article about the T. Great to see all those pictures. The car has had a lot of attention through all those years. Mom use to say every town she and the girls went to put out an article and sometimes they had police escorts. Quite popular with the boys too.  By the way the saying on the car, “Don’t laugh you will be old someday yourself” is something my Mom said all the time. It was her saying so that’s why it is on the car. While I was growing up she talked a lot about all her trips. It was the biggest thing in her life.”

I got the car right from my grandma’s house (my Mother’s house in Bradford) many years ago. I transported it many times and stored it for years. I did not have an available garage at my house to store it. I was very attached to the car. I did not realize how attached until I had a buyer the first time. When the money was ready to be handed to me I could not sell it. Emotionally I could not. When my costs got to be almost $20,000.00 for all the storage and transportation costs I decided to sell for the final time.

Jeff Riggs did not tell me who the buyer was. Idid ask him. Well, I am happy that it fell into hands that are interested and related to it through my Mom. Her dad Bill Dorgan got it for her for $10. She begged him for a car because she wanted to travel. She worked as a hair dresses in the basement of the family home in Bradford, and then was the ringleader for the trips with the girls. In that day and age it just was not done so this is why the attention. She was the only driver of the car.   She told me she was determined to meet Henry Ford. She had to camp out at his house till he came out to see them.  Please, I would like a copy of the book you are working on. That is important to me. Let me know how I can get it and maybe some for my 4 sons and my sister.

The car has already been in at least one Labor Day Parade in Bradford. I will be in Europe during Labor Day but would have come if I was not out of the country. I grew up in the summers in Bradford sleeping at my grandma’s house and going to my grandfathers ice cream store the Dorgan’s. A lot of fond memories.

Yes, my Mom was adventurous. She wanted to go to college so badly and study physical education but her dad made her and the girls stay home. There were 5 girls.  Please let me know where you will travel with the car. Maybe we can meet up someday. It is a huge part of past life with my Mom. I have ridden in the car after Bill Smith fixed it up. He really liked that car.  Best Regards…Bekki”

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