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Jean Turnbull Campbell-Find A Grave


Jean Turnbull was one of the adventurous girls who became known as the Gypsy Coeds. They gained much notoriety for their summer road trips in a 1926 Model T nicknamed the Silver Streak.
In 1942 the United States had entered World War II. Many products including gasoline and rubber had been rationed to the public. It appeared that a summer road trip for the Gypsy Coeds might be in jeopardy but another trip was in fact organized. Jean and four other Model T Girls headed out for Devils Lake, WI, then towards the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, took a ferry to Mackinac Island State Park, then Mackinaw City, Traverse, and Kalamazoo. The story of the Gypsy Coeds landed on the front page of the Kalamazoo Gazette. Homeward bound via Chicago, spending the night on a Lake Michigan beach. This was the only trip for Jean Turnbull would take in the Silver Streak. A scant two weeks after Jean returned home from the trip, she married the love of her life, Charles Campbell, whom she had met at Monmouth College.

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