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We have located yet another living Gypsy Coed, Patricia Moffett from Gilson, Illinois!

October 23, 2012

Electronic media, the internet and this website is credited with tracking down a fourth living Gypsy Coed, Patricia Moffett Bjorling from rural Knoxville, Illinois.  And the lead came from one of our neighbors in our subdivision, who saw the website, and remembered that Mrs Bjorling (her neighbor while she was growing up in rural Knoxville Illinois )was a Moffett.  The website referenced Patricia Moffitt (different spelling) from Galesburg.  Patricia actually was from rural Knoxville Illinois and went to school in Iowa with Margie Dorgan.   Margie invited her to go on the 1940 trip to California.  We are making plans to get together with Patricia and re-introduce her to the Silver Streak, some 73 years later.

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  1. Joel Bjorling permalink

    John, I was going through my writings and found this poem. I hope I haven’t sent it to you before. It’s called “Gypsy Coed.” It’s by me.

    The world is bursting with dreams
    Beyond this front gate;
    There are people, places
    For me to appreciate;
    The car is my key
    To scale the remotest peak,
    So let me grab a ride
    Aboard the Silver Streak.

    From Wisconsin to Canada,
    No matter how far;
    My heart sings
    As I reach for the star;
    From the Golden Gate Bridge
    To the World’s Fair,
    If there’s a dream to be had,
    I will be there.

    We may push the car,
    Drive a cold desert night,
    But if we look to the sky,
    We can follow the light;
    The years will pass,
    New songs will be sung,
    But we captured a treasure
    When we were young.

    This I offer in commemoration of the passing of Patrcia (Moffett) Bjorling, August 26, 2013
    by her son Joel Bjorling

    I can just hear Darlene (or Margie) Dorgan saying this!

    • Very Nice! Thank you so much Joel! Hard to believe it is coming up on a year since your mothers passing.

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