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Happy New Year! We have made contact with the daughter of Zola Dailey, a Gypsy Coeds on the 1941 Trip

January 4, 2013

For more information go to The Gypsy Coeds- Zola Dailey- Zola Dailey thru her daughter

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  1. I edit a newsletter for the Space City T’s Model T Ford Club in Houston, Texas. Mrs. Dailey was a co-worker of one of the members of our club. She was a guest speaker at one of our monthly meetings and I asked if I could interview her do an article about the young ladies and their adventures. She consented and in August 1998 we published the article. I still have print copies.

    • Stan, thank you so much for the note! I have communicated with Zola’s daughter, but was unaware that she had presented to your club. This is a wonderful find for me! I would very much like to have a copy of the article. I would think it would be something I would put on the website even without seeing it. Would you be willing to send me a copy?

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