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The Silver Streak will be on loan to the Wheels O’Time Museum for the month of September

August 24, 2013

The Silver Streak will be on display in the New Antique Ford Dealership building at the Wheels O’Time, 1710 W. Woodside Drive, Dunlap, IL 61525.  Museum hours are 12:00-5:00pm Wednesday thru Sunday.  Thanks to the Early Ford V8 Club of Peoria and the Wheels O’Time Museum

Wheels O’Time & Early Ford V8 flyer

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  1. Don Lewis permalink

    My wife, myself and one of our grandson’s, Johnnie visited The Wheels O’ Time Museum yesterday the 28th of September for the first time. We had a marvelious time to say the least. The museum is a gem that everyone should visit. The Silver Streak exhibit was worth the trip by itself. We will be back again.

    • Thank you for your kind words! The Silver Streak is a wonderful story. My wife & I feel as though we are guardians of a very valuable piece of history. We have visited the museum many times over the years with my mother and father and our son. We share you thoughts about the Wheels O’Time.


  2. BrigidFlaherty permalink

    My great aunt, Winifred (Swearingen) Hayes was one of the Gypsy Coeds. She tells me stories very often about her travels and adventures in their trusty car. Though I watched her ride by in it at a parade in Bradford, Illinois a while ago, I have not been able to take a really good look at the car, which I would love to do. Will the Silver Streak be at any upcoming events or shows? Thank you so much!

    • Thanks for the message. We plan to have the Silver Streak in the Bradford Labor Day parade again this year, Monday September 1. If there is the Labor Day Car Show in Bradford again this year, then we will have it at that event on Sunday August 31 also on Main Street in Bradford. Do you live in the Peoria area? It looks like your e-mail is Peoria Notre Dame. We are going to see Winifred in the next week. What a wonderful person she is! We could make arrangements for you to see the Silver Streak at our house if you are interested.

      • BrigidFlaherty permalink

        I am very excited to see the car. I am fascinated by my great aunt’s travels and the twentieth century as a whole. I believe having something so tangible from the past is truly amazing. I’m sure my family will attend the parade, and I will certainly keep a look out for the Labor Day Car Show. My Aunt Winnie has been very excited for your coming visit! Thank you so much!

  3. Brigid, just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful dinner this evening with your Great Aunt Winnie, Jim and Grace. She is very proud of you and says you are extremely active and very interested in genealogy. She said that you have taped conversations with her as she talked about some of her adventures in the car? If so, I would be very interested in receiving a copy.
    My grandson goes to Notre Dame and will be a sophomore this fall. His name is Garrett Rusk.

    • BrigidFlaherty permalink

      After you left, I received a phone call from my Aunt Winnie! She was very surprised but also very happy to hear I had been asking about the Silver Streak. I would be more than happy to share the recordings, so I will be in contact with your grandson.

      • Hi Brigid. Had hoped to meet you this past Labor Day Weekend. Am still interested in a copy of any audio you may have of your Aunt Winnie talking about her experiences in the Silver Streak.

      • BrigidFlaherty permalink

        Hello, I sent the first recording to Garrett (hopefully it sent) If not, please let me know! 🙂

      • Hi Brigid. My wife and I visited with your great-aunt Winnie yesterday. She showed us your book and talked about how busy you are! I told her that I would let you know that the Silver Streak will be in the Wheels O’Time Museum near Lake of the Woods for the month of June. We also are still planning to have it at the Peoria Riverfront Museum starting October 16.

  4. BrigidFlaherty permalink

    Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind! My Aunt Winnie always looks forward to your visits, and I’m glad you both enjoy them. I will be sure to take trips to both museums when the time comes!

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