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October 11, 2015 Update: The book, Darlene’s Silver Streak and The Bradford Model T Girls is now available at Barnes & Noble online.

October 11, 2015

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  1. Steve Lemmons permalink

    Mr. Butte, I am pleased to see that the story of the Gypsy Coeds is being told. I had the pleasure of storing the T for a time at my shop in Longview WA while it was owned by Bekki Bruckner of Portland. Being a “car guy” I enjoyed telling the story, as I knew it, to anyone that came along. What a comparison it is to think about these young ladies touring the country at that time. As you know; no cell phones, no e-mail, no Twitter, no Facebook, no GPS and few paved roads. Can you imagine a parent today allowing their kids to travel around the country with their friends stopping wherever they saw fit, sleeping along side the road, being gone for weeks at a time. Things have changed in this country and not necessarily for the better. I envy their opportunity to have these experiences. I hope you enjoy the T for years to come. If I am in your part of the country I will stop by your museum and say hello. For now, I will be ordering a copy of your book.
    Steve Lemmons
    Longview, WA

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