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July 13, 2016: Silver Streak to be at Galva Car Show, Presentation and Book Signing to follow at Galva First United Methodist Church all on August 13, 2016

July 13, 2016

The Silver Streak will be in the Galva, Illinois  Freedom Fest Car Show, Saturday August 13, less than a week after returning from its 4 month stay at the Model T Museum in Richmond, Indiana.  A presentation and book signing will follow the car show at 4:00 pm in the Galva First United Methodist Church sponsored by the Galva Chapter BR POE.  Public is welcome!


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  1. Sally Nelson permalink

    Saw tge Sikver Streak in Galva. Just finished reading book. Loved it. PatBjorling and Joel are friends. Pat and I were in DAR together. She and Joel great historians. So it was neat to learn she had gone to CA in it. So enjoyed the story.

    • Thanks for your note Sally, and I am so glad that you enjoyed the read. We have met with Joel many times to learn more about Pat but but unfortunately were not able to meet Pat. We did attend her funeral. Joel also came to the grand opening of the exhibit at the Pedoria Riverfront Museum last fall. I am constantly in awe of the adventurous escapades of these women. Regards and best wishes,

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