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November 21, 2016- The “Happy Ladies Book Club” meets the Gypsy Coeds!

November 23, 2016

The “Happy Ladies Book Club” in Central Illinois perhaps should be called the “Crafty Ladies Book Club”.  After selecting and reading the book, Darlene’s Silver Streak and The Bradford Model T Girls, they took full advantage of their local proximity to get up close and personal with the story.  For their final meeting and discussion of the book, they created a poster map detailing the routes of all the trips, and held their meeting in the retirement center where Jean Turnbull Campbell (1942 trip) one of two surviving Gypsy Coeds lives.  Jean was able to add some real color from her recollections of that 1942 trip, leaving the group early to dash home by train to prepare for her wedding!  They also invited Carmen and myself to participate in the open discussion, answer questions and sign their books.  Several then stopped by our home to get their picture taken in the “Silver Streak” (all waving in true Gypsy Coed form) and go for a quick ride thru the neighborhood.  A wonderful time was had by all!  SONY DSCSONY DSCModelTGirls_front-coverimg_1795-version-2slide1img_4359

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  1. Debbie Schleiffer permalink

    I enjoyed reading this book. My mom (and many generations) grew up in Toulon IL and was about the age of these girls back then. Darlene was a stout-hearted adventurer and the story creates a substantial period piece. I can’t imagine being that brave nor braving the elements! I would love for the Silver Streak to make an appearance at the Volo Auto Museum near me in Volo IL sometime! Can I help you? (PS Please post an improved image of the text of EIGHT TRIPS so I may download and keep it.)

    • Hi Debbie. I have improved the image quality. Hope you can read it now. Thank you for your continued interest in the Gypsy Coeds and the Silver Streak story!

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