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September 2, 2017- We will be participating in the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village, The Henry Ford museum, September 8-10.

September 2, 2017

This weekend its the Bradford Labor Day Car Show and Parade.  Then we’re off to the “Old Car Festival” at The Henry Ford museum, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan. Not only were we invited to bring the Silver Streak and parade thru the streets of Greenfield Village, but also to make a presentation in the Greenfield Pavilion telling the story of the Silver Streak and the Gypsy Coeds (The time is a misprint.  The presentation is actually at 11:30 on Sunday, September 12)!   This will be our second visit to Greenfield Village, the 6th for the Silver Streak! It was there in 1937, 1938, 1939 and 1941 filled with those remarkable Bradford Model T Girls! We took it back in 2013 while doing research, and had photos taken.  How cool is this!!?

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  1. Dee permalink

    What a grand story! My brother saw the Silver Streak at the recent Greenfield Village show (he has our old family Model T and was exhibiting it there, as well). He wrote me about your car and the girls and we both said, “Oh, that sounds like something Mom would have done!”

    How lovely that the Silver Streak can be seen by folks again and more and more people can learn the story of the grand adventures the Gypsy Coeds lived. Best of luck in your travels.

    • Thank you for the note Dee. It was our first visit to the Old Car Festival and we do hope to be able to return next year! I hope you have been able to collect a lot of history on your families Model T. Best Regards,

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