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September 25, 2019- Play written based on the book “Darlene’s Silver Streak and The Bradford Model T Girls”

September 25, 2019

Jennie Johnson, playwright from Denver Colorado has written a play based on the book Darlene’s Silver Streak and The Bradford Model T Girls.  The play is titled The Adventures of the Model T Girls.  Jennie is in the process of scheduling a premier for the play in the Denver metropolitan area sometime in 2020.

In support of the Sesquicentennial of Bradford, Illinois, home of the Model T Girls…aka the Gypsy Coeds, Jennie agreed to come to Bradford and conduct a “staged reading” of the play  on Friday evening August 30 in the form of a dinner theater at Shallowbrook Retreat and Conference Center in Bradford, and on Saturday August 31 in the Junior High Gymnasium.  It was the first public reading of the script.  Several of the volunteer cast members were related to the Bradford Model T Girls, including 6 of our grandchildren, 5 reading as Gypsy Coeds and one as the sound manager.  One of the Gypsy Coeds was present in the audience, Winnie Swearingen Hays, 101 and the only surviving Gypsy Coed.


This was not the first time Jennie had come to Bradford.  She attended the Labor Day festivities in 2018 as part of her preparation for writing the play.

More information about the Denver Premier will be posted here as the dates are finalized.

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