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April 15, 2018- Find A Grave sites created and added for the Gypsy Coeds

IMG_2262Thanks to the efforts of Phil Adams of Galesburg, Illinois,  Find A Grave sites have been created for 17 of the 18 deceased Gypsy Coeds.  Ruth Gustafson (deceased)left her body to science.  I met Phil at a presentation I made at the Clover Library in Woodhull, Illinois in the fall of 2017. We talked after the presentation. Phil had read the book, Darlene’s Silver Streak and the Bradford Model T Girls and had already visited several of the cemeteries and grave sites of Gypsy Coeds.  He explained what he wanted to do and away he went!  Not only did Phil search out the locations of all Gypsy Coed grave sites, he also wrote a tribute to each of the women regarding their Gypsy Coed experience.    He added photos of the girls and a tribute as well as photos of headstones in some instances.

Above is the picture of Phil in the Silver Streak in Woodhull, October 5, 2017.

The Find A Grave sites are listed and links provided here.  They can also be found under the name of each Gypsy Coed in the website under the heading, “The Gypsy Coeds”.  Find A Grave format changed during Phil’s work.  In some instances you will need to “hover” over the picture of the Gypsy Coed added by Phil and then “click” in order to see the tribute he created.  Thanks for what you have done Phil, a great tribute to the Gypsy Coeds!

Darlene Dorgan –

Verna Dorgan –

Marjorie Dorgan –

Olive Bell –

Eleanor Butte –

Clare Breen –

Regina Fennell –

Helen Fuertges –

Muriel Cunningham –

Anne Holland –

Kathleen Moran –

Harriet Fisher –

Ruby McDonald –

Zola Dailey –

Rosemary Moran –

Patricia Moffett –

Margaret Burnett –



February 9, 2018-The Silver Streak is headed to Hollywood!

The story of the Silver Streak and the Gypsy Coeds has “played in Peoria” and now will have a chance to play in Hollywood.  The Silver Streak will be featured in a new television series about cars on the Discovery Chanel.  It is expected to debut in the summer of 2018.  It is expected that the Silver Streak will be in Episode 3


.   Its a great opportunity to tell the story of the Silver Streak and the Gypsy Coeds to a national audience.  Thanks to the Model T Museum in Richmond, Indiana for alerting us to the “talent search” that was launched in January, looking for cars with stories.  We filled out the application, went through their interview process and received work that we had been selected.  A transport company picked up the Silver Streak at the Model T Museum in Richmond earlier this week.  We will be joining the Silver Streak in LA later in the month.  This is not the first trip to LA for the Silver Streak.  It was there 78 years ago!


November 15, 2017- Curbside Classic-“Every Car Has A Story” releases Part 3 of story about the Silver Streak and the Gypsy Coeds

Here is the link to the 3rd part of the article written by Ed Stembridge and published in Curbside Classic-“Every Car Has A Story” website.

November 14, 2017- Curbside Classic-“Every Car Has A Story” releases Part 2 of story about the Silver Streak and the Gypsy Coeds

Here is part 2 of Ed Stembridge’s 3 part article about the Silver Streak and the Gypsy Coeds.

November 13, 2017- Part 1 of 3 of Curbside Classic-“Every Car Has A Story”, website story on the Silver Streak is live!

Part 1 is live today!  Check it out.

Parts 2 & 3 will be live November 14 & 15.  Great job by Ed Stembridge.

November 10, 2017-Video from Model T Museum library opening shows Silver Streak, mentions book about the Bradford Model T Girls.

On November 4, the Model T Museum in Richmond, Indiana held a dedication of their recently completed Bruce McCalley Memorial Library.  Bruce was a giant in Model T research and history and was one of the 6 original founders of the Model T Ford Club of America.  His book, Model T Ford, The Car That Changed The World is considered the bible on the history of the Model T, complete with annual production information by Ford facility, and what design changes were incorporated into the T in each year of production. Bruce passed away in 2012.

The attached Youtube video link captured the highlights of the Saturday, November 4 dedication.  Mike Vaughn,  the current President of the MTFCA is the master of ceremonies.  In addition to opening the library, Mike talks about lots of the other renovations that have taken place at the museum, and the 12 additional Model T’s that are on loan to the museum this year…..including the Silver Streak!  It’s a 26 minute tape and you may not want to watch the whole thing, but I would encourage you to watch from about the 7:00 minute mark where Mike talks about the cars that are on loan thru about the 11:15 mark.

November 9, 2017: Curbside Classic- “Every Car Has A Story” will be doing a 3 part story about the Silver Streak and the Gyspy Coeds.

Ed Stembridge, who writes articles for the website, “Curbside Classic-Every Car Has a Story” stopped by to see the Silver Streak, discuss a story that he wanted to write about the Silver Streak and the Gypsy Coeds, and catch a ride in the Silver Streak. His story will run in three parts, beginning on November 13 for 3 days.  Here is the link to Part 1-

Want to see what it’s like to ride in the Silver Streak?  Check out this video shot by Ed, and ride along with Ed and me as we take the Silver Streak for a spin thru the neighborhood!